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something tender

when you first posed for me
stretched out on a bed of sunshine
I imagined how i'd touch you
how i'd brush off your dirt, force you into naked.
when you began to age i tugged on you
long as my arm
and you'd pull away from youth
with a deep sucking sound.
how intimate we became-- you
fishing my dress for the chipped-tooth zipper
and me, fingering your waistcoat
till the eel was choking.
blankets pooled as shyness burst into an audience
in the branches
and i
wondering when you lost
all your feathers.
i could feel the sweet sap leaking from the tip
and ants crawling all over so i siphoned you
clean into a coma and when you surrendered
i laid beside you plucking catgut.
i read your spine as it curled around me
odd things like,
"your lips are teensy rainbows"
and "my favourite flower is your genitalia".
those were the days when we were
most salty, when i kept your cockles
crushed in the musk of my bee-closet.
the way love ought to be.

30 Apr 13

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The usual served with verbosity and needless provocation
 — unknown

thank you :)
 — jenakajoffer

everybody knows mustard is yellow.  'leaned' to 'camelled' would be cute
 — DeformedLion

bummer, i had hoped that 'black mustard' would throw the obvious off a little.

camelled eh.  like hump. that's very 'you'.  i don't know if i can pull it off.
 — jenakajoffer

i realized in the writing process that i ended with two poems, so i had to separate them, and this, well, had no conscious intention of going all deep throat...it just sort of happened. :S
 — jenakajoffer

reverted to almost original form.  wasn't feeling it.  maybe never will.  

the next one has more boom in the bucket.
 — jenakajoffer

hi jen. were u laughing your ass off writing this? it's over the top. but I tell ya, some really nice stuff came out of it, I particularly like "crushed in the musk of my bee-closet." I think there's another less deep-throat piece out there pulling the best of this out and reworking it. I also like the bit about spine and the funny musings, a mind high on the endorphins of sex. but with a fresh intimacy here that is not smutty. it's a celebration.
 — NicMichaels

Nic, haha, how good to see you here again :)

of course, all the bill poems are over the top, some more than others, but underneath there is always a little puddle of milk tucked in the corners of my eyelids. :)

laughing is the best part.
thanks for enjoying my cowlick.
 — jenakajoffer

Happy Valentine's Day, piss ant. Xoxo
 — jenakajoffer

good poem methinks
 — unknown