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I hear small voices
         like leaves rustling in trees
streams that catch my breath
I stood there close
selfishly holding your hand,
you moved closer
to feel the warmth from my tear-softened face...
then you said you had to get your life together
and went to the phone.
I whispered, "just when I had it all figured out, everything changed." -
we broke out laughing, you pulled me in -  
- a Moonless night - we sped down the highway, listening to a thousand voices singing in the engine, you turned off the light,
rolled the throttle back,
and we rocketed into a night of near misses...

2 May 13

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i like 'listening to a thousand voices singing in the engine"- i would ditch roar.
 — mandolyn

Mind says, “You’re still outside but you're almost there.”

It seems very encouraging but as long as you believe and accept this idea, it will divide you and send you on a journey of near misses.

~ Mooji
 — unknown