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ululating for a rainbow

at first you couldn't call it love
it was handkerchief
and sullen,
string-cheese and sarcasm,
basting its red taint of certainty
over my lily-chicken heart.
then it was all "no, not again"
and, kind of sly like pubic hair.
after-all, if at first you don't succeed
dont try on overalls!
i was shoddy yes?
crowned in moonbeams
sparks of soft ire,
a turning wheel
which we trapped my body to.
and slick with snow
you pelted me with smiles, no
(cruel as rhubarb)
dressed them with alcohol,
feathered me with chunks of the
pharaohs' tomb.
i was precious, yes?
bill bloody bill
curling poodle into the rink,
pursed cock in glum thighs
-i hide.
you could see my bush, easily,
it's on google,
just search for a kangaroo
and you'll see me humping
butter in a pouch.
yeah, brother bill stitched me in.
i was soft garlic prancing in caramel
boots once,
then i whispered into you.
hannibal is 'ily' chattel
compared to the violence of love;
to that preciousss dialect of rainbow
- kissing colours between bee hives
- crushing the milk of our skin,
white pale bucket
sink deep well-end...
i strut my hose
to the market now,
and pickle you in a room
with a view of the equator-
all golden in umbra,
which our rainbow can
birth too.

3 May 13

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holy crap.  
laughing my goddamn ass off at you.  i fucking love it.

i am so surprised you posted another one, and no fair because you beat me to it.  hahaha.  i have like one giant mess of pome and i keep having to cut into twos and threes because it's just way too bipolar.

i really liked the winter parts, and the rhubarb was great.

funniest ever though was the kangaroo humping butter, so good.  lots of things to make me fling and be hungry for.

whisper and garlic is so gross i can't help but love it.

just beautiful.  
 — jenakajoffer

-- lo the profile pic. :)
 — jenakajoffer

a metaphorical-rhapsody which rapped-sodomy into verse -- nicely done!
if at first you don't succeed - 9
it's on google, - 28
 — AlchemiA