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your rainbow's a dick

but i'm still crazy 4U
that's right,
smack me in the bloodbag
and gimme the cold-hose tickle,
leave me limping with a jar of gherkins--fuk!
maybe i be crazy for you bang-bang
but i left your tiny asshole out of it this time.
you go all coyote on me,
smörgåsbord on sheep curd
and prick my angus with carrots??
well i got wool for you, mac
but that wind chime
ain't gonna replace your spine.
you ripped the soft little haggis
right out of my birdcage
and left me gagging in the milk parlour.
those tender bits,
eel breath
poodle cleft-
just dreams crushed in the guts
of my garters. i never had you,
never felt soft dripping
on my ladybird.
maybe i'm crazy
under the rainbow wilting
but the body only waits so long--
my tits will never be slick,
no gauze of skin
stretched over a bowl of cream.
are we lemons
or are we limes?
tell me what we are.
two puppets in a bucket?
punch and moody up my sleeve,
wrap the red scarf and strangle
one swift gust and bleed?
yes that's how it goes.
and then:
i give my lungs to sail,
show you the nails
that rain blue for you?
oh anniba, you're crazy
for thinning your love
will ever break me, crazy if ever
i wanted somebody new.
you unstitched my franken-pudding,
left me with a dozen greedy hands
to cut out my beehive.
call it moon
call it honey
call it what it is.
i walk two clicks of road,
throw a penny into the well--
all i can do is wait for something yellow
to be born.

3 May 13

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http://touch.dailymotion.com/video/x172ow_nas ty-girl-the-biggie-duets_music

Okay Ma, now what's your preference??

Dibs on Nelly!

Nice pair (of poems. you and dl)


Fun read -- I like these.
 — fortuitous

the usual peanut gallery, though this one does stand out more poetically than some of others.
 — unknown

it's a peanut gallery all right. last night i saw him in a room with a hundred beds, his mouth looked like a piece of cauliflower and i kissed it like the forbidden fruit-- exhilarating.

i don't go on youtube fort, i don't have enough data to waste on it. sorry.  nelly's ok, though i am not much into trendy stuff as i am weird shit. :)
 — jenakajoffer

line 11 is hanging out in my mind and i like it. brilliant....every. thing.
 — DeformedLion

not surprised you're fond of the carrots— they're yours. :)
 — jenakajoffer

Sometimes, you can be so funny, Jen--

Eel breath and poodle cleft actually made me laugh. Out loud. But not LOL --- Just Reel Laffin'

And puppets in a bucket? OMG, this is, by far, my favourite television show at the moment

This gave me a smile tonight.

 — unknown

thanks fort, i'm glad there are a few others besides me and lino that enjoy these romps. ::)
 — jenakajoffer

oh my. I'm also wasting data on this site right now but it never disappoints :)
 — unknown

 — unknown

Haha, thankfully I no longer need to worry about data usage. Now I can go see what that YouTube posts is.   Thanks for not being disappointed, lol.

Clarice isn't part if the story, sorry ink. ;)
 — jenakajoffer

dig this, jen. header heats bigtime.
 — catch-22

Thanks man
 — jenakajoffer

'tiny asshole' is my favourite tonight.
 — DeformedLion

Lol mine too, happy NY you little starfish
 — jenakajoffer

possibly my favorite of them all. this language is cracker-jack, out-of-the-box good.
 — hue

Thanks Huey man
 — jenakajoffer

blame it on sybarite.  she told me she wants a new bill poem so now I'm on this road of nostalgia.  i think i might cry over this.

i need new material. why have you been so abstinent?
 — jenakajoffer