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Model Boat

Glue spun between fingers
attached the final funnel.
Six hundred pieces some so small,
you had to muddle across
the glass topped table
to find them all.
Ease it onto its plinth.
You’ve come to the end of the labyrinth
as it stands, prow jutting,
six inches from the bottom of the tub.
All is good as you pump water in
from your hydro electrified water pistol.
You're such a little squirt,
flirting with your big boat.
Take it to the public baths, just for a joke,
and give us all a laugh
by letting it float straight down the plug hole.

10 May 13

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i love this darling piece of reminiscence.

line 13 'you're' ;)
 — jenakajoffer

*sigh, it's always you isn't it, mr birdlark

 — jenakajoffer

Yes here i am again, wrestling with my plasticine model of Brigette Bardot  among the flower beds and garden gnomes Jena

Larry WWF Lark

PS I love you and thanks for the spot
 — larrylark

don't forget the slugs.  i bet Brigette doesn't like them either.

i love 'plug hole', that's awesome.

and so are you <3
 — jenakajoffer

I never forget the slugs for it would be fatal so to do

Larry slug fest Lark
 — larrylark