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birthday bill

it's a little early
but i can smell your age coming on
like old piss in the can.
candles are for cream-puffs
but i bet you got a wish or two saved up
like last week's enema.
your salad days are over, mac--
i've got a greenhorn and a wind-up toy
to buzz you in the balls.
you're gonna blow your gumdrop buttons
all over my fava party,
i just know it.

10 May 13

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 — unknown

its the yawn which lets her stuff the apple in.
 — DeformedLion


but yeah, this is goofy trash. :D
 — jenakajoffer

Happy birthday Linus! It's been 6 years since I gave birth to this poem.
Crazy. I can still smell yer pépe.
 — jenakajoffer

a lot of trueness to this
 — DeformedLion

Yes, I'm sure.

Love you, stinky Pepe
Hope you had a nice birthday. X
 — jenakajoffer