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Not So Grey

He felt that he did not look in mirrors enough, so he looked now. This is what he did not see: that he was on his third wife and fifth mistress. Nor did he see that both were strong -- stronger than he had kept before -- but not so strong that they could last much longer. He saw a face crashing slowly into tomorrow, but behind it he did not perceive his own skull. Instead it was that of his wife: shrewish and callous, constantly turning tears into anger and grinding the shrill shards of glass into his wrinkles. She chewed her jaw and somehow made his own flesh hurt. He did not see his hypocrisy, the fact that he had lain on his mistress' lap and cried the same tears last night. All because of being misunderstood, neglected, and -- this one unstated -- unable to find a still-younger woman for a new affair. After picking something from his teeth he inspected his hairline. "Not so grey."

22 May 13

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A very interesting description...I like the line, "He saw a face crashing slowly into tomorrow."  Perhaps of "instead it was that of his wife," you could put instead it was the face of his wife because I doubt he was seeing his wife's skull, or was he???  He sounds like a character you could write a whole book about!
 — CaseyPowers

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