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Please flush after use

this is a spoken word poem

Porcelain Pelt
Desolated doodad
Water Wormhole
Gone Forever
How many times do you go to the washroom in a day?
I visit the toilet more than 10 times a day
I visit it after every meal
After every drink
My body doesn’t seem to know how to keep it in anymore
In a world full of Washlets and Toilet Cafes
2.5 billion People do not have access to the humble latrine
Diarrhea is a weapon of mass destruction
Women will only go poo poo and pee pee after nightfall
Causing severe urinary tract infection and chronic constipation
Having to risk physical and sexual assault
All because there no walls in the fields for privacy
And yet here we cannot live without a janitor.
Porcelain Pelt
Desolated doodad
Water Wormhole
Gone Forever
Things not to flush down the toilet
Minzy the goldfish
My mind doesn’t seem to know what is important anymore
Singapore toilets is like Time Square
Every corner telling you “Please flush after use”
Streets lined with Billboard of “Please help keep our restrooms Clean and Dry”
Bold neon lights of “Do not squat on the toilet seat”
If stop and listen you can hear the latest buzz in town
Who clogged the toilet bowl
Porcelain Pelt
Desolated doodad
Water Wormhole
Gone Forever
My office toilet has become my best friend
A sanctuary
A hide away
Place were candy crush is allowed
Where facebook and twitter have no objection
Where sleeping beauty can her head resting against a toilet reel pillow
A place to be alone
A place to calm your mind
To calm your heart
I have shed my tears in this space
My soul doesn’t seem to know how to let go anymore
Sometimes I wish could flush my heart away
Press the bottom
A tsunami would come
I would stand with my arm wide open
Watching the water recede
Feel the cold wind on my skin
As the towering shadow rushes in
I have been waiting for you

30 May 13

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Poo Poo
 — larrylark

The piece began, sounding like some odd public-service announcement.

Then it felt like an ad for some strange and obscure charity organization.

Then it became personal and almost seemed like a poem.

The refrain was comical.

That's not a compliment.
 — jArE_hAwK

Thank you for the comment...I know what you mean...I wanted start off with the middle 1st then thr 1st part...cos its more like a funnel...from at global to a country to an individual....but I change my mine...cos more for the audience im performing for....I might edit it later...I dont really do refrain so its more expriement...how would you write a refrain?
 — sahibtorun