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r dume iz s3ntim3ntal

he rites [mindbog]:
moons trawl stinkly thru swampways in muddy-murk circlets
golden phoam candles dripdrop eldrintch - wax gone far n floaty
decant chanterz poke deepdark waters n uprise them; bubblez
methanes go.ghostly, invade branes in bump-breaving nostrils
him winesip [mindbog]
sloshy-gobblets drool down neck-stems, wets whip rings inta tables
firmature gone redstained, wooden. slop howlz red n teethred yellow
purple tongue-trench hax blobz aerborne: spittlez missiled at linens
ghoulies drinkdrink. sop up blewk magicks; soakin them sunshinez
they creeps [haunt-hunt]
spirits slink [haunt-hunt] sneaky quiets. tick-tock tap-toe n sleamzy
grandvather gongs n scarred kitty bolts cross-piano, scratches paper
boudoires go ice-like [haunt-hunt]; echo empty under neverscene ceilings
walk-in shadows again rehearse - yesterdudz happy n playn bone bongos
them whisp'ringz [itstalks]
latent lipslips clamber interiors on mist leggies, moaning
twist-shamblerz harken [itstalks]: face stomachs chapchirp phrosty nuthins
beak-busted birdlies flap featherstorms, signifakinx [itstalks]. grounded
perfumed gravel-stank; rimy comes breezwept n downwind from roadkill
it downpour [muksong]
shroud-heavens nonleashed; make [muksong] leatherskinz squishy n pliant
slushes pound as insex, clawcrawl innenout [muksong] draggin bloodtrailz
undeads. limp burdened by toad-stranglers croakin-- sadsad symphonix
[muksong] grey fingers severd; plop muted ivories, eyeballz n lungz

4 Jun 13

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reminds me of Ra-ism - i like this, challenges the language and the reader. good stuff.
 — jenn