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inane item #1: bipolar people should stay away from bars like mag:net
inane item #2: contrary to popular opinion, linear minds work better along tangent gallium lines
inane item #3: a page of a book is a leaf; a book is a tree in essence; it's only apt for a covered book to also be called barked; ergo, a dog barking at the wrong apple-bodhi tree is an indication that knowledge is the root of all evil
inane item #4: it's only a matter of substance, if not time, and vice-versa
concurrent activity: picking.my.friends'.brains.coz.mine.is.out.of.season.as.usual.in.search.of.sour.grapes

i'm just trying my hand on this curious paradoxymoron called 'prose poetry' and to see if i could get away with it, nyehehehehe...


4 Jun 13

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Of course you matter, I'm an engineer, everythings matter.
 — AlchemiA

you are matter, essence, of fact.I think you might know a seer.

Larry unseen lark
 — larrylark