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The Good Old Days

A night in a Motel 6 is better
than an evening in the emperor's palace -
what good are gold cups
if you have to go outside to pee
or can't adjust the air conditioning
to keep you cooler than what
slave girls could provide with their
feather fans?
I would not trade my Cavalier
for a horse and buggy
nor substitute a dip in a cold stream
for my long, hot, soapy
morning shower and the
shampoo from its plastic source,
not some flowers pounded to suds
upon a stone.
We cry out against children
with their PDA's tight their hands,
their knowledge of the techno-world
and their lack of real spelling
but they will run this world one day.
I say Hat's off to more synapses,
let them look up their education
on-line in social groups, teach their parents
how to use the fruits of Apple
and then, sign them up for sports,
take them on walks along the water's edge
or into the forest to listen to the hum
of Nature.
Well balanced is the key in any
generation but the good old days
never were and will never be again.

16 Jun 13

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