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Will.I.Am Shakespeare.

its easy to write poetry when you are being bummed against your Will.
I Am.
I turned off the radio today, or rather it turned me off.
my humps.

3 Jul 13

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love between the legs
 — unknown

LOL.  I.Am with you.
 — Haxxen

No milkshake brings this boy to the yard.  

Laudanum and Nin or Austin Clarke does it every time.
 — Haxxen

sorry, i cannot be man..i'd stay glued to being woman and that means both ends don't meet
 — unknown

^ Eastern Europe?
 — Haxxen

nothing stands out as any kind of 'good' about this

to be honest, i just don't like it

i guess i like the , or rather

or rather... it likes me
 — unknown

We are stuck with Will I Ham on Saturday nite TV...he thinks the great British public are morons but i disagree.They are worst than that

Larry playing Hamlet Lark
 — larrylark