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circling storm

It is not easy to see with watering eyes
When people are undone by troubling times
This is when people are most desperate
Making faulty foundations, becoming drenched in hate
And then comes the storm, destroying the concept
yet clinging on to the surface, struggling, rising from the depths
Unbelievable the tragedy some go through
Prevailing, man's will, strong it is true
And let the tears fall from your eyes
I will gladly help get them dry
Say good bye to melancholy feelings
And learn from the sadness, from previous dealings
And together we attempt to make it all better
And maybe with time clear sky's the weather
But the storm will never die
It only moves on to another
Giving us a moment of breath, hearing the cries of others
Understanding that the storm will return
Taking solace in the fact that only through pain do we really learn

17 Jul 13

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