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when i cut my hair

short and pixie
just like any woman
in tantrum

18 Aug 13

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succinct, says much more than the words themselves
 — sybarite

i am going pixie tomorrow!
 — mandolyn

"This is what happens when you corner a rat."
 — Haxxen

i'm seriously cutting my hair tomorrow. short. like, real short. but not boy short. wait.. boys have long hair now.

jacked up!
 — mandolyn

I have had to give up on the little hair i have left which as it has grown thinner has increasingly developed a huge degree of independence. A number 1 doesn't cure this as if i give it one the roots set up a crescendo inside the top of my head

Larry short of a pixie on top Lark
 — larrylark

no other girl would afford that.
 — unknown