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The Devil's Footprints

After an evening of irresponsible debauchery
and general moral decay
I stumble out of Rita's Tavern into the winter air.
The neon marquee flashes red and yellow
on a carpet of new snow.
I defile the white earth with a transgression of footprints
that lead to the hood of a Lexus
on which I proceed to throw-up
twenty-six dollars worth of mixed drinks.
I make my way through the city,
stopping at the entrance to Canaan Park.
Two figures are out on the ice rink, skating -
holding each other,
keeping each other warm and sane and filled.
My isolation is heightened by the sight,
but I don't look away.
I say a little prayer, nothing elaborate,
just a few words to let God know
I haven't forgiven him yet -
but that I'm working on it.

6 Sep 13

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10 from me
 — yield

Been there, done that. Every single line, back in my drinking days. Your words bring it all up again. 'Nother 10.
 — clupeidae

A big poem which i can strongly relate to
 — larrylark

Thank you 3.
 — 9


great title and poem. last two lines are wow in a whoa wow.
 — mandolyn

Never give up! Love and Light are there,
don't lose hope in the good and true.
 — 9

 — unknown

Love this one, 12-15, shit happens to me all the time. Good job.
 — 4st7lb

Beautiful writing from lines 1 to 6. 6 especially.
Not as deeply involved as your usual style, but I like this spareness ... it allows us to enter into places in the poem, sideways through the words, into the world you live :)

A good read.
 — jenn

Thanks jenn and 4st7lb
 — 9

got to me.
 — suedehead

Thank you. Me too.
 — 9