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ribbons and ribbons of burgundy

i watch
you knot
too slow
to pack
ribbons and ribbons
wrapped around
a complex shape
a façade of what i see

16 Sep 13

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Abstract. Kind of neat.
 — unknown

lots of 'knot' poems lately.
i love the title.
the poem is pretty nifty.
 — mandolyn

thanks. this will wine.
 — unknown

is the 'me' in L10 playing frogger? ;)
 — mandolyn

ha!l10 is some thing to come back to.
 — unknown

i think it goes well at the beginning of L10
 — mandolyn

originally, right?
 — unknown

yes, what you had originally.
 — mandolyn

lol, it's so funny every time i come back to this poem that little 'me' has moved- like it's stalking the rest of the poem.
 — mandolyn

thanks. agree.
 — unknown

hey you, stop watching me!
 — unknown

 — unknown

pretty neat, indeed,

 — fractalcore