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Lullabies for Broken Things

Driving through Silver City, New Mexico
trying to shut out the pain and outrun the heartache
with Black Beauties, Electric Wizard and velocity,
I reach the town's perimeter
and notice a Mexican woman in a wedding dress
walking alone on the edge of the highway.
I can see she's been crying.
There's so much mascara on her cheeks
she looks likes some ghoulish apparition
adrift on the Day of the Dead.
I open the passenger door. She climbs into the truck,
covers her face with her hands and weeps.
I watch her convulse and I stare at the notches of her spine
rising through the back of her wedding dress
like a row of little white hills.
I want to hold her, want to tell her everything will be alright
(or some equally consolatory lie).
But I can't do it.
I ask if there's somewhere I can take her.
She shakes her head and says she doesn't speak English.
I think of Harry Dean Stanton trying to reach
Nastassja Kinski through the one-way mirror.
A yellow streetlight flickers on above us.
She wipes black tears from her face with her bridal veil
and stares through the oily windshield
at the snow peaked mountains in the distance.
She is quiet and still, her face hidden in shadow,
resting in that primeval calm that follows tears.
I close my eyes and breathe
and rest in it too.

18 Sep 13

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i think you missed a 'to' in L16. love L28. beautiful, poetic story.
 — mandolyn

Another 10 for 9. As in a lot of your poems, you have the knack for telling a compelling story. Ls 2 & 3 great! Ls 14-17… oh, what the hell, I loved every one of ‘em. Now I have to go rent the Stanton/Nastassja movie. “Paris, Texas”, right? (I've already seen “Day of the Dead”, ’85 version.)
 — clupeidae

you got me at l21
 — unknown

ty ty ty
 — 9

 — unknown

Yes 'Paris, Texas' - one of the best films ever made.
Get back to me if you watch it clupeidae.
 — 9