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Canker Sore

I love the swirl of the angel hair pasta
On dancing my tongue
Under the candlelit dinner
It happen
The bite
In half a breath
A fleeting whimper
But yet the ripples of the red wine
Choose to remain still
The next night
I was drinking with the boys
Every time I look at my phone
I can feel uncertainty near
The back of my throat
You should always know your limit
Speech under the influence will
Hurt you more than others
I knew that it was full blown
The moment I broke the vow of silence
A canker sore
An inch across
Words was not my friend
Only nothing was my friend
So go away Sun
And your happy days
Go away Moon
And kissing couples
Go away Regret
I beseech you
For you have rob me of my life
Weighted me down by memories
Of actions I did seasons ago
The Legends said that I should rub salt
The Apothecary said
Such mortal drugs I have; but Mantua's law
Is death to any he that utters them.
Google said there is no cure
Only time can heal the wounds
They talk as if this
Is some common plight
But maybe there is some truth
To this old wife’s tale
Maybe an extreme measure
To hasten the process
So I looked
Deep into the kitchen drawer
Hidden in the forest of sharp metal
As I remove the scared lid
From this relic urn
I took a pinch in my hand  
And began the Holy Payer
Rub salt and endure the pain
rub salt and endure the pain
rub salt and endure the pain
rub salt and….
From that day forth
My heart could only feast
On blend bread

7 Oct 13

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