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stew pour

two far from dislodged,
eye am stuck on verdant hue --
aye am wet eye eat.

i just tried my hand
not on cooking, but on this
five-seven-five piece.

i waver between 32 and 37 these days.
are you in the same spectrum with me?
find out here:



8 Oct 13

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hey frac! nice to see you back. unless you were here all along.
nice high kewl.
 — mandolyn

ey, mandy! i'm just here... unless, of course, i'm not, hehe...

 — fractalcore

wacky fracky :)
 — mandolyn

 — unknown

Great play on words. Eye approve.
 — yield

thanks, yield.
 — fractalcore

ey, unk. you're just a notch higher
than my normalcy level.

 — fractalcore

was stuck with stuck the last time and you're using it nicely. this is new for me. thanks!
 — Amaranta