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earthquake drill

her eyes make you believe
everything is made in china
beautiful with her authentic laughs

12 Oct 13

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L1 is so true. why is that? cliche shmiche.
 — mandolyn

wait! i had to add another line. how is it?
 — unknown

i am trying to remember what L2 said before. i really like 7-10
 — mandolyn

but i also like 1-2, it's good.
 — mandolyn

2 is 3 now. |2 is added as new line
 — unknown

ah, yes. i see now. nice.
i am really digging that last line.
 — mandolyn

thank you, before i leave. ;-)
 — unknown

did some bug fixing.
 — unknown

I normally spell I love you
Good-bye.  Nice poem.
 — yield

hey there, fractalcore. hope i spelled it right.
..true, yield.
 — Ex_

 — unknown

this is gorgeous.
 — SteelAngel

steelangel, honestly the original post was entirely different and now resides on another set of poems..thanks.
 — Ex_