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smokin till death

Participating, slowly dying
Livin free and always crying
Cigarettes just lead to lying
Pretty people always buy em
Fall into a routine become an addict
Now I crave them fuck the static
Buy a pack and they attack it
People ask me, I abide em
Give away so I don’t Smoke em
Livin longer with less money
Cause they drain them aint that funny
Money makin is the future
Right now ima live like simon
Get a boat and just go fishin
Meetin jesus in the kitchen
Turn my water into wine and
we just chill there entertainin
people tell me im so lame and
I walk out to smoke another
light it up and I enjoy it
Close my eyes and I forget it
Leads to death and suffocation
But we all die any way so
Ima stay here and just fuck it
Ima be young and Ima love it
And make sure I don’t regret it
Livin life cause it’ll end
2013 brings the coffin

13 Oct 13

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