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God,there's a candle burning for me
lit by a face I do not know
and she thinks I might die
now that everyone is gone
now that everyone is gone
I would like to play ring around the rosie with the flame
like to let the snowflakes decorate it in a circle
my bed is too large
the mattress is thick with memories
it seems you keep them packed
where I cannot reach
where I cannot reach
just across from my pillows
many hands call me their lover
some I know, some I don't
but they all listen to the tones of my coughing
like great symphonies were being written
like they'd be there incarnate in the morning
like they'd be there incarnate in the morning
and I'd trade all of the dreams I'm having
for a simple daytime reverie
and my candle has burned up the moon
it seems God, the miles of cement I've walked
used me for my steps
no street has sent a postcard
no bosom of highway left to suckle
I just hope the mugger on Brunswick ave.
has forgiven himself
at least for Christmas
only I, looked into his brass eyes
only I, looked into his brass eyes
so the flame has finally gone out now
even the smoke is in no one's eyes at all
it seems the fever has ended too
and the tissues by the bed have turned into Your wings
I hope the candle was a nice orange nd yellow for you
in all of the black ice below
the people there don't even know they're slipping
as they're going down
as they're going down
let's cry awhile together God
over by something you've made
over by something you've made

12 Nov 13

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i like L8-9, L22 and 25
i'd lose the repetitive lines, but that's just me.
 — mandolyn

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