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Laju Laju

Laju Laju Buaiku laju
Pohon beringin tegaknya tinggi
Kalau rendah menyapu bumi
Hidupku tidak beribu
Akulah anak yatim piatu
An ingredient in most Malay cuisine
From Shallots to Garlic
Creating flavours of many different profile
Richness of Rendang
Tanginess of Asam Pedas
Creaminess of Laksa
My taste buds have travelled the world
Eating Kimchi at the edge of Democracy
Dripping Chipotle on an Aztec Sun Stone
But nothing can beat the comforts of home
The colour of my culture
Just enough white to take on any shade
Turmeric coloured steps of the Borobudur
Dates coloured fabric worn by the Wali Sembelan
Potato coloured walls of the Colonial Buildings.
Could we have built our own Great Wall
If we were given the chance to pick
Our own crayons to play with
The colour of the rose syrup spilled on the carpet.
A stain impossible to remove.
But yet they accuse me of hacking off
The roots of my Banyan tree.
Saying things like I was too busy stuffing my face with
Hash browns to notice the glass tipping over.
But I say just enough white to take on
The shade of this century.
Bawang Puith Bawang Merah
Shallots and Garlic
Known as the Malay version of Cinderella.
Cinderella will never be called
The English version of Shallots and Garlic
Is it because we are just
Not the right shade of white?
Progress is like Garlic’s swing
Hanging on what’s left of the tall Banyan tree
Garlic sit on the swing and sings about it
with a voice as smooth as liquid gold
Laju Laju Buaiku Laju
She enchants a foreign prince
Who will only pillage her dry
It seems like her future is going
Swinging fast
But only Back and forth
Swinging high
But only Back and forth
Swinging far
But only Back and forth
So in this fable
Who is the good one?
Who is the bad one?
And who is the unjust step mother?
Just because we only going
Does mean nothing has

17 Nov 13

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