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Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave is crazy.
Or should I say everyone thinks he's crazy.
I don't really know
because I'm mostly confused about what sanity is.
I stop by his house one sunlit Sunday afternoon
and he's sitting on his front lawn in a green bean bag
wearing nothing but boxer shorts and gold sunglasses
drinking from a sweating gallon jug of milk
reading from Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
"What's up my friend?" he says, closing the book.
"Just came by to say hello."
"Great! Let's make a beer run and cook some dinner."
He stands and drapes an arm around my neck.
"Still down about Treena?" he asks.
"Sorry man. That's a hard one."
"I feel like I'm defective or something," I say.
"Quit with that shit. You're beautiful just like you are.
End of story."
We enter an AM PM mini-mart.
"Do you ever worry about what people think of you?" I ask.
"No, I do not. That's their business not mine."
We buy some chips and beer and drive back to the house.
Dave puts on Dark Side of the Moon and I fire up the BBQ.
The sun disappears behind the Jackson mountains
and I watch a little white butterfly flutter in the remaining light.
We head back inside and sit on the sofa with our plates.
"Let's eat! I'm hungry. Starving. Ravenous!" Dave says.
"So how's the book?" I ask.
"Oh Kant? Largely unnecessary. I was reading it upside down,"
He says and laughs.
We open beers and dig into our supper.
"One word of love is worth more than all the books ever written,"
Dave says holding up his fork.
I watch him eat and drink his beer
and I understand what sanity is.

12 Dec 13

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!  LOVE this!  I always enjoy the landscapes of your poems, 9!  The characters are very interesting TOO.  This is very touching.  :-)
 — starr

This is prose alluding the dialogue with another.
 — Cerulise

You're the best starr <3
 — 9

in L13, just came by to
personally, i would lose the "out of the cooler" in L24
and lose 'by' in L28
i think it reads better/smoother that way.

dave doesn't care. that is why he is so awesome.
we need to be around people like that. they are happy and content in life
because they don't worry or care what others think. i think those people are rare in life. but you're luck you have a crazy dave. ;)
L32-33 is my favorite.

thanks for posting. -mandolyn
 — unknown

^ *lucky
 — unknown

i also wanted to add that i do worry about what people think of me, at times. but the older i get, the more i don't care. amazing how time can change you.

i'm sorry you're still missing treena. i miss people too.
 — mandolyn

Thank you :)

I'd rather miss people than not miss them.
 — 9

i'd rather miss people than see them. :-/
 — mandolyn

I like you and I like Dave, crazy or just called crazy because he can think for himself, and express himself without being hung-up on how he is perceived by others.

The freedom of this existence is viewed suspiciously, enviously and sometimes in anger by others who subconsciously are aware this is the exact sort of freedom they also desire, need, know is the right path ... but do not have the emotional or spiritual strength to admit it, and live it.

This is writing honed by knowing and pain and loss and perceptive emotional evaluations on who and what and why you are because of who and what and why you are you.

It is human life given some chance to know itself. The skill to put it into an unburdened writing style is a wonderful serendipity of this life.

This piece is subtle dramatic pathos, ethos and logos in self-critical/analytical balanced rhetoric, the inclusion of Kant isn't coincidental even if the Universe seems to have played it that way.

(I don't believe in fate or destiny or coincidence. I believe we have some ability, limited ability to have hyper-lucid moments of awareness of the singularity of everything and how we can only ever perceive bits of it at a time)

There is metaphysics always in your existentialism ;)

You give what is, on the surface, an account of a meeting and events around it, but sub-textured in all your poems are great questions about meaning and understanding, which is why I love your writing so much.

One of my favourites of yours, 9.
 — jenn

I think Poetry is whatever song(s) your heart sing/s put 2 wordz.  I miss my kitty, I miss home, I miss Minnie Riperton and Teena Marie and Rick James (BITCH!), but I try and remember what a dear friend once told me.  He said, "Starr.  Don't cry because they died.  SMILE because they LIVED and they LIVED because of YOU."  So...try that, 9 and try and be happier, my beloveds.  It's scary and it's often hard 2 do with the world the way it izz.  Love u's!   :-)
 — starr

Got to agree starr ... no matter how things ended with anyone I have ever loved .. it is that love, that moment that never changes ... it stays exactly the same forever. I can't change it, even if I tried, no matter what emotions I may have felt afterward.

The love remains there, always.
 — jenn

Thank you jenn for taking the time and for the insight.
Thanks for trying to see what I'm attempting 'under the surface'.
Yours is a beautiful mind :)

Thanks starr. You give good advice!
Thanks for being you :)
 — 9

putting on Dark Side makes me love Dave.
 — DeformedLion

that kind of reference makes me too biased, yeah.

this kicks. it shoves. it shivers.
 — DeformedLion

U know I love u, 9 (and Jenn TOO!)  xo!
 — starr

I am a fan of this Dave! =)
 — unknown

Thanks DeformedLion :)

<3 bright starr
 — 9

just saw this one pop up on the front page. YAY!
i'm glad to read it again.
i forgot to tell you i sort of know a crazy dave too...

hope you're feeling well today, 9
here's a Echinopsis mamillosa for you *
 — mandolyn