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Late for the Sky

"Goddamn that asshole," Eva says entering my room.
"What'd he do now?" I ask.
"Caught the bastard cheating on me...again."
She sits on the bed next to me and holds her head in her hands.
I don't know what to say to her.
"What the hell are you listening to?" she asks looking up.
"Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce."
"What? Why?"
"Lately I've been listening to 70's soft rock."
"Oh God, no. This is thrift store music. Are you okay?"
"Not really."
Eva doesn't tolerate sentimentality when it comes to music.
I, on the other hand, will listen to anything that moves me -
so I get lectured to quite a bit.
"You poor bastard," she says.
"What happened to Zeppelin and Sabbath,
haulin' ass and raisin' hell across half the state?"
"I guess I'd rather hear something that feels like I do these days."
The sun is blazing through the blinds
painting orange streaks on a Taxi Driver movie poster.
Late for the Sky by Jackson Browne comes on.
"This is a good one," I say.
Eva sighs with disapproval and rests her head against mine.
"Goddamn you, I haven't cried in years
and I'm sure as shit not about to start now," she declares.
After a while she begins to shake. I put my arm around her.
She is weeping and I hold her and take in her pain
until her waters are still
and her skies clear.
"See why I hate this shit?" she says,
wiping the tears away and punching me in the arm.
"Yes. See why I like it?" I respond.

16 Dec 13

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L13 needs a "to"

I LOVE THIS. i don't even need to tell you what i like about it either.
one of the best.
 — mandolyn

(except i'm not a fan of a few of those cuss words, but... the poem is still great)
 — mandolyn

Yeah, she has a potty mouth.
Thank you for reading mandolyn.
You are always encouraging.
 — 9

Look, who's talking 9. You've gone crazy dude. Public sentiment all yours.
 — unknown

Oh you mean I have a potty mouth too?
Yes I do :)  I've gone crazy? Yes you're right :(
But hopefully I don't have a potty heart.
 — 9

awww what a disgustingly sweet little story :)

you do write well, remind me of someone, or you're just good.
 — jenakajoffer

Who do I remind you of?

Yes, I live for the disgustingly sweet.

<3 to you.
 — 9

Another great piece. I love "I guess I'd rather hear something that feels like I do."I am a giant fan of the repeat button when I'm in on of my moods. There's a song by a Swedish group- Tiamat called "Best Friend Money Can Buy" that I will play for hours when the women aren't around, and the loneliness is heavy on the shoulders.
 — dannyprice