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Couldn't think of a title

a bucket of toothpaste could not hide
your swarthy grin  
gleaming white, wolf in my den
you could shut one eye
to put your twisted vision in respite
would you do it
for me, tonite
i don't have the words to move your mouth away
they just fall out
involuntary spit on your face
my fistful of your nape
your stagnate stare
stagnate like this goddamnn lonely cave
on the top of a mountain in the middle of goddamnowhere
suppose i did resist
somehow, i know, you would leave me here tonight
with the love blood dripping from your canine bite
content with yourself and the bones.
in spite of everything
you'd say
quite truthfully that
you didn't really know what you were doing
at the time
i suppose
you just can't help yourself
you can't help yourself
my wolf

18 Dec 13

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weird wolfish vamped fired...way out on the edges of erotic imagination

Larry howling at the loons Lark
 — larrylark

thanks. It's a little tough but I know I was going somewhere with it...
 — zoso_obscene

 — zoso_obscene

oop. i havve a feeling this is just going to keep growing. :s
 — zoso_obscene

uuuh, now i think i've ruined it. why can't i stay in one direction?
 — zoso_obscene

What an awesome breath of fresh air and energy. Really enjoyed that and I'll read it again.
 — jenakajoffer

ha ha, that's funny...cauae i keep changing it
 — zoso_obscene

and thank you for the praise of course. i love to read you~
 — zoso_obscene

I don't think I've seen your name on my poems before.

Hey did you change the title?
 — jenakajoffer

aye, i did.
i have two different accounts, i recall quite a few of your poems being wicked and you commenting on my stuff
 — zoso_obscene

the ones i read anyway, gave me that indescribable mixture of intense and stomach churning pleasure and disgust
 — zoso_obscene

Oh that's so cool, thanks!
What's your other account name?

I'm not so find of this title
 — jenakajoffer

this is my mother acct..
why not? i think it's catchy. and relevant enough.
 — sylvia

ha ha my other ^
 — sylvia

not my mother. o.O
 — sylvia

Haha oh yes, Sylvia, I recognize you
 — jenakajoffer

i'm never good with titles but who is really. i guess it doesn't really matter. i had it changed to thirty-two and three earlier because of how many lines it had.
 — sylvia

Lol, sometimes titles are the hardest part, other times they're a no brainer.

So do you rate your poems with your other accounts too? Funny how I have a ten and suddenly there are two more unanswered ratings. Lol, just joking but it does seem conspicuous. There are anonymous ghost raters all the time so who cares. I'd rather see 10 tens on this poem than ones ;)
Merry Christmas yo!
 — jenakajoffer

Someone gave me a nine  and I think you have me a ten and I gave myself a 10  right then when I commented lol.
Sylvia isn't really my name either but for the sake of this site it is. I was so excited the name wasn't taken and surprised haha! Merry Christmas yourself!
 — sylvia

Hahaha, I love it. ;)
 — jenakajoffer

masterfully crafted.  all 'cept your footnote.  unless you meant to put a space in 'have'  :)
 — JKWeb

i didn't mean to type it that way but i couldn't bare to change it.
 — sylvia