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               streaks strictly
            in contrast to black,
             a struggle against
             warring extremes
          s[h]elved in multiples:
              plusses in excess
       of the otherwise-mediocre,
    tranquil waters echoing ripples
       of crippled, brittle pages --
             hue are literature
humming notes from the infra end,
        heavy, solid, anonymous
       as my affection entangled,
        [a]like[:] mirror-images.
'oops', posit the dissimilar, indeed...

for #blackswan
with all the love
i can muster

     /   \
    ♥ ♥ ♥

23 Dec 13

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       esp. 12.
            ;         dig it.
 — JKWeb

im inspired to apathy
 — unknown

find the g-particle between the f-bomb and the h-bomb pinching its nose. it's right in the g-spot between the fart and the mushroom cloud.
 — unknown

thanks, mister JKWebster sir.
been a while.

happy holidays!
 — fractalcore

1st unk, please don't, but
thunks just the same.
 — fractalcore

2nd unk, thunks for the heads-up,
but don't you think they should, once
and for all, transcend the planck and
go further down the rabbit hole of
minute carrots?

if all they have is a finite number
metaphor in their arse n' all, they'll
never ever go beyond shaped f'art'ings
like the mushroom cloud.

 — fractalcore

'infinity has no shape' is quite a no-brainer
and should be reason-enough for them
to drop their fixation on (false) dichotomies.

oh, aum, gee!

care for some aye scream?

 — fractalcore