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l∞per 575

       thing.i'              hgir
    t            m         t        b
  s                 n    m           e
e                    o  i               h
i                      n-                t
x                    d d               y
  e                 c    u             l
    s             a        a        n
       ehtebn              list:o

it reads in this normal manner:

l∞per 575

i'm non-dualist:
only the bright mind can be
the sexiest thing.


for #blackswan

     /   \
    ♥ ♥ ♥

5 Jan 14

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 — mandolyn

thanks for reading, mandee.
 — fractalcore

 — Amaranta

example: how to make a piece of crap into a piece of shit in one easy move.
 — unknown

thanks, Amaranta.

our penchant for false dichotomies
should be dropped once and for all
in this infinitely-substantial
paradigm that leaves no room for
any dimensionless-ness nor
nothingness nor vacuum

 — fractalcore

dear unk,

thanks for always trying to be
funny. keep it up; it's good for the
wrinkles in your arse n' all.

 — fractalcore

i read a name somewhere in the middle.
 — unknown

super cool!
 — majan

^ it is ;-)
 — unknown

what name, unk #2? thank you.

thanks, majan.
 — fractalcore

^to name a greatest love,
 — unknown

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