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A memory
fleeting from existence
present for only a moment
and after all, it's gone
Those who basked in the glow
of the faded memory
hold the only proof of its existence
it stays
locked away in few minds
As memory continues on
following the patterns of nature
Such as a flower torn off its stem
left on dirt
every passing day
The moment is remembered less and less
Forgotten with every year that passes
Details fade
leaving a skeletal shell of what is soon to be extinct
However, proof still remains as fossils in the brains of the few
And it shall remain until the last person fades away  taking the lost memory along with them into the forgotten

9 Jan 14

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 — unknown

HI, Kripto. Just a few suggestions. Firstly, since you aren't using punctuation you really don't need to capitalize every line. It's distracting and doesn't help the reader with your rhythm or pace. Secondly, you might consider shortening your lines, essentially breaking them in half.

Just suggestions. Thank you for sharing.
 — Aish

Avoid cliche like, "Soul."
 — Cerulise