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The Leaf

The wind blows, down goes the leaves though
As they flutter towards the ground
Tussling and turning along with the breeze
As they slowly coast down, and gives into the bottom, with little sound
However, if all is silent, you can hear the leaves contact with each breeze and finally the final contact with the ground
And as it settles to its final position, and its edges all fall down
And adjust to its new home low, supported by the dirt on the ground
Bound to laws of gravity, without a force it shall remain
No need to worry, no thoughts mean no brain
But the earth forever changes
And a gust of wind propels the leaf to again set sail
into the wind, to float until a force comes and defies its need to continue and go on
blocking its path to again send it crashing, accelerating as gravity finally ends its journey
The lonely leaf, now cemented into a puddle of mud
Watching an animal come closer as its foot steps, and sends it unto another adventure, into another untold taleā€¦........of a leaf

9 Jan 14

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