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before it hits deathly
remembering whist
safe of my void
or wishing delayed lightening
the day i hold dear;
having moved to stage 3
attracting the same space
to my frequency -
version 10
connecting the same energy
careless blastulae
that we become number

6 Feb 14

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This reminds me of William Burrough's "Third Mind". A word is a symbol following the sequence of another symbol. You can take one symbol move it to where another symbol is and you are left with something completely different. That's what this reminds me of. Basically a cut and paste method. Not really sure what you were going for here. I can't say I like it. My biggest problem is there's no context. This could either be coded wit, or a rambling nothing .
 — NadCloutier

you cannot arrive at the/its absolute without finding value of x and its variables.
you're almost there. in fact, you are. thanks for reading.
 — unknown