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Setting Suns

Where the red roof of the Pizza Hut reflects the winter sun
and the purple mountains propped up on the horizon
meet the melancholy in me -
I wait for her.
I wait because she's over forty minutes late
and it takes her forever to do anything.
To pass the time I sit on the curb
and try to remember the words to that Rocky Dennis poem
about the sun shining on everything.
I help Maria out of the car and through the glass doors.
The awkward intimacy of lifting her dead legs from the wheelchair
to the booth threatens to bring down some of my walls.
We sit across from each other in the back
by the restrooms and an out-of-order video game.
Maria takes my hands in hers and squeezes.
"We better buy something before they kick us out," I say.
I return with two coffees, a handful of sugar packets
and a few tiny containers of creamer.
She is quiet - stirring her coffee absently without drinking it.
I ask if there's anything wrong.
She lifts her head and stares through the window
and the pale sun is on her face
and in her eyes lies the beauty of a defeated self-will.
"You don't mind I am crippled?" she asks.
She stares into the empty parking lot beneath a frozen sky.
"Sometimes my body feels like a prison,"
she says with tears in her eyes.
Borderline by Madonna comes on the tiny ceiling speaker above us
and two kids run by laughing and shouting,
lights blinking on their shoes.
"Mine does too," I say.

12 Feb 14

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i don't even need to comment, but i just did.
another great one, 9, who always deserves a 10.
 — mandolyn

 — 9

The so very intimate things you share with us through your writing reveal you as a person. There's always love and empathy, and a crushing self-doubt, and a sense of reality that's had to grow a very thick skin just to make it out the front door and down the street.

Lines 11 and 12 remind me of a little reading by David Sedaris talking about when he and a wheelchair bound friend of his used to go out shop-lifting together. The intimacy of the relationship was just like any friendship. Just two people.  

I like your writing :)

(an amazingly witty, funny and uncompromising writer worth listening to, as he has done some series of him reading his short stories)
 — jenn

Oops! I meant to organise that better .. ><

Like this ..

David Sedaris is an amazingly witty, funny and uncompromising writer worth listening to, as he has done a few series of him reading his short stories and essays.
 — jenn

Made me think of My Body Is a Cage by Arcade Fire

There's so much here that really doesn't say anything, merely paints a scene. Makes me wonder if that isn't perhaps the point? It makes the true core of it shine all the more.
 — looniverse

Awwww!!!  :-(  It's moments like these that stay with us for years!  I remember back in '98, I was driving physically/mentally handicapped adults from a job center to their jobs/back home in a 20-seat van.  They used 2 say to me, "Play that radio station u always play!" (which was W.I.L.D., Boston.)  It was an AM R&B station and at that time Destiny's Child was just heatin' up the airwaves with their song, "Bills, Bills, Bills."  

During assessment one afternoon, little Bettie (Boop) shouts out "Can ya pay my bills?  Can ya pay my telephone bills?  Can ya pay my automoBILLS and then maybe we can chill?"  LOL!  

The director was beside himself!  He asked Miss Bettie (who was confined 2 a wheelchair) "What are you SINGIN"?"  She said, "Starr always plays this song on the radio and I like it!"  LOL!  Amazing how truly reachable lower functioning people are if u just tap in and show 'em some love, huh?  Great one, 9!  :-)
 — starr

I always give u 9's for consistency!  In MY book tho, it's a "10."  <3.
 — starr

<3 jenn which book do you recommend?

<3 your stories starr, and the way you love for real in your life.
You've lived a great a one. All power to you starr. :)
 — 9

When the pepperoni pizza's stop flowing,
I stop tipping.  She brings angry pizza to me.
I help in hoping she will bring cheese to me.
 — percocet

The stories you tell.. <3
 — unknown

Any collected work of David Sedaris' short Essays should be ok, 9.
He is a very honest writer, very much like you :)
 — jenn

My god. I am wordless.
 — PatriciaSan

 — PatriciaSan

hey 9, where is you? whar's you at?
 — mandolyn