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Pure serenity comes only with shuteyes
Slowly fading away from life with a whole demise
A full body high, left hoping grasping, waiting
Alone in despair, with no one else to care
And bare their concern upon
Allowing the evidence to be seen, a fallen smoking gun
The truth, to be lost and replaced with what is chosen
Undone, unseen, never forgotten
One decision chosen by one
Affecting the all, those with gently tucked dreams
The many, the few, interpretation of power
Death, extreme, welcomed into the sovereign
No escape from the fire, arisen and spread throughout
Catching onto skyscrapers and holes in the ground about
All who have seen, close your eyes, bite your tongue
This shall last only a moment, a mere stumble in time
Look away, and then look back for there is nothing left to see
Now allow peace and serenity to take over, for you have no place left to be
Nothing to do, nowhere to hide
Emptiness has occupied the land and the sky
For their once was many, and now there are none
No people to be stressed, and upset, also no one reaching for the sun
But I still walk and think about when I was with company
For now I know they have all been forced into serenity

8 Mar 14

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are you supposed to be death?
 — unknown

 — kripto