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Things That Don't Impress Me Much

When shania Twain sang
"Ok, so you're a rocket scientist,
that don't impress me much,
so you got the brains, but have you got the touch"
I began to understand women.
They be highly opinionated and highly unimpressed with men.
the end.

14 Mar 14

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Shania is ...well as a gentleman I shouldn't say
 — unknown

Line 6 is right only if men try to impress too much.

Men who don't need to impress are impressive.

There is no end ;)
 — jenn

'They be' should read 'They are' ... unless you're a farmer or a pirate, of course :)
 — jenn

lol, but hey, i'm a woman and many men impress me
 — mandolyn

me too, and they sure do me too :)
 — jenn

I'm impressed by this. L7 could be hacked.
 — unknown

Complete poetic trash, this is not a philosophy class
 — unknown