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the adventure ends

with the couple in a boat
or a train or some kind
of unusual vehicle they
don’t have to actively drive
while they eye each other
in a way that makes sex
a certitude once the camera
pulls off their flawless faces
the smudges and sweat
only enhance their godlike
stature as the distance between
them and the closely averted
death/disaster/tragedy widens
but even those two about
to rut with a passion you only
managed a couple of times
in your teens and felt self-
conscious about because it made
you feel so animal and here
you were a human being supposed
to respect your partner and call
them back the next day while
all you could think about
was the taste of their lips
that amazing sexy squelching
noise you both made together
the way you can still smell them
even after you showered
put on clean clothes and ate
even those two presented
as an embodiment of eternal
afternoon – healthy and strong
even they will one day suffer
the ironic sag of advancing decrepitude
and have to admit that the ability
to have a decent conversation
and share secrets and hard won
truths is sexier than all
the sport fucking a body can endure

29 Mar 14

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