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i love the way we wave.

you smile and its like what the fuck!!! I can't stop smiling.
I feel my usual fears, and think you see them- I know you see them.
i think all girls can see through me like my eyes are a television, and i want to show you what you want to watch.
and I don't care about me,
not really.
I just want you to smile, so i smile

25 Apr 14

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crap lol
 — mr_e

I like the way it's formatted.
 — unknown

does this go with the other one 'a smile for you?'

nice, e
 — mandolyn

Did it at the same time Mandee but didn't think the other was as good so made it anonymous lol.. Well spotted lol
 — mr_e

they are both good, e.
don't go unknown on us! (wait.. i do that so i guess i can't tell you not to or else i'm a hypocrite) aw what the heck, i'll be a hyprocrite... don't go unknown on us! :D
 — mandolyn


 — mandolyn

 — mr_e