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a smile for you

wish you would smile at me more.
its hard to smile to myself when you smile less to me. I know you have your own thoughts
your own flaws.
But your smile is perfect

25 Apr 14

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like this :)   < that is a pretty good smile. a perfect bend.
 — mandolyn

You're so much prettier when you smile? Don't you know that
 — sylvia

Lol Mandy we are on it tonight.
 — sylvia

^ did you write this one syl?
 — mandolyn

Noo by you commented when I was commenting. I like it to. But I hate when guys tell me that^^^^^^
 — sylvia

But the poem is beyond sweet and my comment was irrelevant
 — sylvia

ohhh i see.
smiles are gay

 — mandolyn

(sorry author, no disrespect to your poem. i'm being silly. i like your poem)
 — mandolyn

99 cents Hallmark. cute
 — unknown

Why the run on in L2? Could do with an edit

Smile more
Its hard for me to smile
when you don't
Whatever your flaws,
your smile is perfect
 — larrylark

^ i agree with lark. cut that sucker in half.
 — mandolyn