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Timeline of Uncertainty

I am in a shadow, stuck searching within
released to the day, the sun
The sun settling, rays upon my cheek
As I take my first steps
Steps upon this
This reality
This vision
For I can not see
blinded by dumb serenity
Bliss, TVs and computer screens
Life dwindling away, As we sit time away
As I sit here pressing these keys
each key another wasted second
The Clouds keep moving as the Earth continues to orbit
nothing is changed, words are spoken people die
And especially now, death has no time for boredom
All this action, movement and history making has Kept us all busy, and easily oblivious
for, all, simply remains the same
A vain moment for pretentious life
War, War may evolve, but War never changes
And the World continues and will still continue well after our days
Let us die in ignorance, for we constitute barely
A speck

28 Apr 14

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freshly edited
 — kripto

There's a lugubrious apathy in this, which occasionally flips on the nihilism switch, that I quite like but it doesn't have the anger, the resentment, the screaming into the void that I think it needs to really give it some belly punches.

The double 'War, War' repeat isn't really needed, and to be honest the 'War never changes' part sounds like something out of the Fallout series of games.

Infinite regression perspective is a dangerous path to walk down, but an illuminating one, all the same :)

An ok read that needs more fire in the furnace to incinerate.
 — jenn

another edit, line add
 — kripto