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The Apology

there is a hypocrisy in this world we all fail to see,
That you and I, we are all surrounded by a layer of stupidy, no one in this world can be all wise
however many claim to, and that is not right
first step admit to the world your ignorance
and no longer live in disguise
and relax before I am given hemlock
I only mean to alleviate the pressures of tradition  
A professor of literature should not masquerade as a master of numbers
therefore a priest has no knowledge in leading  a country and a leader can not save the souls of his people
And that is an infallible truth, If you dont believe me, well thats probably for the best
I may be the owner of some wisdom
but in reality and real life I am little more than just a mess

23 May 14

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I know that I do not know
 — unknown