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The Friday Morning

Voices chat over morning tables: sleeping babies, broken coffee mugs, wedding plans. Who’s tallest, who’s shortest. C’est la vie. She’s still not awake yet? Maybe I should drop something. Inspiration leaks from the kitchen sink. She has to leave soon. But first, cinnamon hot chocolate. She hopes she won’t get a ticket on the 5, on her way to Bakersfield. Speedometer will know better than the flow of traffic. I’m sorry, officer. I need to get windshield wipers. Get behind the trucks, too focused on getting to where they need to be.
Turn on music, dance around like a freak. “The Electric Feel.” Despicable Me is advertising adoption: “Be a good daddy today.” My favorite line is happiness is like a room without a roof. Laughing over YouTube videos. I need to listen to more soulful sounds: John Legend. You could walk me to my car. I mean, I could. I don’t have a bra on, but I could. Stirring spoon clatters against the pot on the stove. Long Meadow Way,
I’ll put it on the fridge.
Our one egg. I want to eat breakfast, but I don’t want to eat breakfast at the same time.
I thought about sleeping out here this morning, but I didn’t want her to be without a place. I don’t want to leave the old, but I want something new.

10 Jun 14

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i love L4, i love the crazy in all of this- the constant thinking. bakersfield huh? hm...
let's talk.
 — mandolyn

Despicable me is advertising adoption. LOL! Nice write.
 — unknown