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Was I too cold with the guy at the Hotel? I don't know. People are too dependent on money though, they think they need it, but in reality they only need what money buys, and the single reason it has any value is because we allow it to. Money is merely a representation of wealth created to replace the barter system, and as a way to pay for things less physical then trade goods such as services. So they take advantage, those extra fees, disguised ways to get s'more. A surcharge, an extra payment, installation charge, processing fee, and even tip. How does it make sense to pay for a service or product after all ready paying for it. They give it an official sounding name, and then, in their minds it makes it ok. In a way, the price of the service or product is the amount it costs, and any extra fees pays for the transaction, the actual exchange. I guess it is such a bother to these companies that they need to charge a fee to the consumer for the burden of selling them the product. The extra money is merely topping off the pockets of rich men. And I understand the importance of tipping, but shouldn't the establishment pay the worker enough to live off of instead of making it a god damn competition. A self motivation tool, Its funny, Communism made it so people would get the same from the work they had to do, and as a result the workers slacked off, and the laws became stricter and more enforced. So corruption in the government and in the enforcers became quite evident. And now here we are doing the exact opposite. We need not enforce anything, because our system is one of survival. It used to be you get back what you put in, but now you are gifted with far less then what the time and effort you put would have given back in the past. Its a damn shame really, that the world has come to an irreversible halt in the progression of common sense. How any one can find happiness now a days is beyond me, I now see, all I can strive for is peace. However, even that, at least for now, is out of reach.

16 Jun 14

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We areent meant to be happy
 — unknown

Peace isn't a universal thing. It's personal.
Only the individual can find this state in themselves whilst the universe carries on  with its natural state of conflict, contention, contradiction and perfectly precise chaos.
You're barking up the the wrong materialistic tree.
 — jenn

Jenn, well yeah, i am not talking about a whole worldly or universal peace. I am an individual, a nonconformist, and transcendentalist. When I spoke of happiness generally one would think individual, its a goal a person strives for, you wouldn't think of 'bringing the world happiness' I guess you would but that's not what i meant I set it up to be on a microscopic level and as a result assumed the peace aspect would also be seen on a personal level, a goal of internal reflection and acceptance; of being able to mute out the world with self understanding and an attempt to free ones self from the unnecessary parts of life, those riddled with responsibility created to balance out the quality of life of lesser then rich individuals. Idk how it will go, but this is from the middle of the beginning of a screenplay, and at the end of the day this guy is going to be pulling a modern Thoreau's Walden combined with Forrest Gump's running around the country.
 — kripto