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karstarsys [in pairs]

eat mars the super mooh...
niner on a river sled --
slidin' sans super 'gloo:
swollen void 'k-bad;
binary scars, t'winning poles,
polycided tropism of soules.
either meowrrr you barking at
the wrong three PLUS a save --
eye larve duh piece, the broken pisces,
err peaces, of the pi are s'quirky cave.

written 7.15.14
in honor of 7.12.14


   __ /__
    /   \
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


i'd have shared a song by a great pisces named
kurt cobain here, but it wouldn't be apt for the mood
of the attempt at poetry that this piece is, so here's
a song by paul mccartney called 'silly love songs'
instead, simply because paul is such a crappy

[hehehe, i'm just kidding, of course.]



15 Jul 14

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& your silence about the matter quiets your pisces & peaces w/ her. romantic, fract.
 — unknown

did you kiss her in the cave? - ariel
 — unknown

* did you kiss her before midnight or sunrise?
 — unknown

fract back on mating game.. oh well
 — unknown

time stamped - in honor -- it's something.
|9 is my favorite -- so crisp.
|10 concludes it.
 — unknown

what a load of shit
 — unknown

 — unknown

dear fract, nowhere to reach you but one of your babies might be of help. sent some stuff to your latest loc. need to know if the add was right. your reply matters.
 — unknown