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sally and bill go to the stars

they find rainbow, they free
judas, they hold hands
it could be love, the shine - the syllable to make lips
move like treasure chests and the pry bar so rusted
that when you slammed the car boot it flaked on the
side of the grass which i had just cleaned of her
and she was everything: so fatal,
sounds of love, forlorn as bee wings
dripping honey into thought, i spread
my legs for you (she thinks) but i think
its that tender thing again, that she
knows seed is the link and the flame.
or that was blood mouthed- when he was cradled in his early life, swaddled by the lamp and the shadows
of flowers cut pretty and placed on a dresser by the mirror that she will never love, or be kind.
once we danced, spittle on my jaw, i called her mommy or sock puppet, i made a pose which she threw up on, i was jade beneath the well lip, the burlesque of ripped flesh and crushed peanuts
the rainbow soggy, my mind limping; fly-blown
and under sweat; your heart was my heart, and we have disease
we have trees which we watch grow in the evening
we have sally and bill
mouths open to the stars
and the tender hand
fisting each of them.

11 Aug 14

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I love you <3

Now where's that fist...
 — jenakajoffer

i am highly jealous of this writing.
and you TWO ;)
 — mandolyn