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Getting My Chest Done

So I got my chest done for Valentine’s Day
And I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it
   Is it painful?
    What is it like?
     People seemed to be very curious about it
      So I tell them that
       My beautician uses two types of wax
        A Pink wax and
         A Blue wax
          The pink one
           Is mainly for
            The more sensitive areas
             You know
              Like the nipples
               The belly button
                 errm errm
                  Down there
                   It’s also does a cleaner job
                    But I don’t like it though
                     It’s a little thicker
                      When it spreads
                       It tugs on some hairs
                        It’s like spreading
                         Cold Nutella on white bread
                          Pulling on every fiber
                           And you just might end up
                            Tearing something
                             I’m sorry
                              I hope I’m
                               Not making you uncomfortable
                                I prefer the Blue one though
                                 It’s a bit more fluid
                                  It spreads much easier
                                   And the muslin is much more
                                    Easier to rip off
                                     But the problem with the blue one is
                                      You also might have to do
                                       An area more than once
                                        So it kinds of
                                         Prolongs your misery
When People ask me
Does it really hurt?
  I go
    I guess
     It’s just a little uncomfortable
      When people ask me
       Why do I do it?
        I go
         Well you know
          The guys nowadays
           They prefer
            Someone that is not so hairy
             Anyways I don’t mind changing myself
              But I think
               What they really want to know is
                Should they get their own chest done?
                 So when people ask me
                  Should they get their chest done?
                   I ask them
                    Do you want to fight Ideology
                     Pink wax or Blue wax
                      The Pink one is for
                       The more sensitive areas
                        It does a cleaner job
                         But much much more painful
                          The Blue one is less painful,
                           But you have to rip the muslin off
                            So many times
                             That your skin will not
                              Remember its own color any more
                               I have tried to rip my culture form my chest
                                The labels from my belly button
                                 Your diversity quota from my bum hole
                                  But everything seems to grow back
                                     And rooted much much more deeper
                                      I’m sorry but
                                       This pain is
                                        A little more than just uncomfortable
                                         So if you ask me
                                          Should you wax your own chest?
                                           I would tell you
                                            It is much much easier
                                             To wax yourself clean
                                              Then to wax the privilege
                                               Off from someone else’s ass

29 Aug 14

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like spreading cold nutella on white bread....
L46 is missing "why"

i have tried to rip the culture off my chest...
i like that

L60 haha! yes

fantastic piece
 — mandolyn

Is your last name Tailor?
 — unknown

Thank you @mandolyn the verison you read was a draft...i jus edited it... im happy you liked it

@unknown my last name is sahib... haha... i doubt we know each other cos im all the way in singapore... you can look for me on fb if you want...search Muslim Sahib
 — sahibtorun