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right hand imprisoned
as I stand, facing the sky
as I struggle the grasp tightens
pain runs through my hand
I cry out as I get pulled back
yelled and belittled into staying still
waiting, counting the seconds until the red light goes away
until danger ceases and I can be free
I see green
My heart races, my feet crave to move
But yet I am not free
and am at the mercy of her speed
as she guides me passed the monsters
All standing still like stone statues, watching taunting
like Moses, I am parting the seas
walking carefully, past, hoping not to startle or awaken
The end is closer as i scurry to the other side
relinquishing the hold she has on me
Finally emerging victorious and alive
Almost instantly I feel her grasp again
She shoves me in through an open door
fumbling I step, grasping on to her
she picks me up, and as I get on my feet
I see, I smell, satisfied
cookies, cakes, and little drops of chocolate
Aroma inducing tears gets the best of me
My mouth waters, as she asks
What do you want
I look around
I want it all!

16 Sep 14

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this is

Read it twice
Excellent in it's everything
Absolutely understood
Time to push the pedal
 — mandolyn

Very good kripto
 — unknown

thank you
 — kripto