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A Cannot Be Reality

As I think about decisions,
mistakes and their precision
and the complicated thoughts
that result in empty visions
I can count on all my fingers
the feeling that still linger
and the emptiness, the simplic-ness
that pulls me through the ringer
But the places that we miss
and the people we never visit,
be it family, friends
the insane, and even bigots
But we're here, far from square
every reason we find to care
whether it's weather, for better,
for worse and for the wear
We raise glasses in cheer,
it ain't fair the good ain't here,
but it is what is, I fear
not for nothing, drink your beer.
But if I'm just sayin' something,
swear it's better than nothing,
give me a chance, I swear it's worth it in the end
if you only see the real, stop living in pretend.

20 Sep 14

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Well rymed
 — larrylark

Stop living in pretend. Amen.
 — unknown

excellent rhyming
 — rivergood