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I feel a pounding in my head
a feeling of regret
I drank too much, too fast
and now I'm feeling dead
In a club the sound is high
and the ache is getting stronger
I need to lay my head to rest
Allow my body stillness
and all a sudden a rush of pain
brings me down to my knees
dancing, in the past, future still so bleak
but the present brings troublesome and worries to the brain
only thoughts I have are those of sympathy
towards my self for i am hurt and am to work at 7
and it now being 2 am, I know my mind will not have rest
for 5 o clock is when I wake, and that is when i wish to take another crack at sleeping tight
water splashing, wasted face
as I make it on the train
take the journey finished through
just to vomit all my dues
serenity postponed by wretched head ache still
Death for one and hell is still
frozen flames of vivid blue
surrounding me, forever,  
untill the flames go out

23 Sep 14

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