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Thinking of action
not thinking at all
leads to nothing being done
life is led, for if it wasn't we'd all be doing nothing
For nothing is what I dream,
What I wish I could be
doing that would be much better
than working on a farm
It would satisfy me just sitting and completing
the minimal that could be
Dreaming of the time that I can lie alone and responsibility be farthest from the norm
I could be a singer but then that would be work
I could be a dancer and a general of a kind
But what I would choose to do with my remaining allotted time
Is nothing, and that nothing be so sweet
the greatest ever done, my acclaim to fame
was simple but yet tragic
I am not good at anything not even stupid magic
instead my skills are rooted in pretty much just nothing
So I excelled at doing nothing with the time that I had left
and then I still learned to do a lot with nothing like an old medieval jest
But to change my fate, I have decided to attempt again
and for my first I have written this which would be said to be officially the something that Ive done...

23 Sep 14

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