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riding my illusions at the expense of photons

  did i was where you were hid
    taken, the lead, the lid off
       the grid for the greed
           agreed, in deed
                 me, hue
              out of theee
         blew, oxxxygenetic
    think tanks sphinx spanks
through speakers spied er boo
    duh bliss shoo dove been
         indifferent current
            old-knew, did
                you, aye
       do miss the euphoria
        double-slit fur, yeah
       yo, gas leak, tube lick
            om, aum, ohm
             nom, gnome
              know hymn
              he, so wee
      in the black wholesum

     polar bare on swan lake
     (c) fractalcore 10.28.14

      this is me trying to get
            back on track...
  and the road to reality is so
       quantoom boompfhy.


28 Oct 14

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I like the hourglass 19 lines.
^klassic fractalcore^
 — JKWeb

polar bare ass the lake?
 — unknown

love this
 — dvdsxr

quite a revelation: he so wows. reality bit.
 — unknown

first line is a giveaway, really. gosh! this is great work, fractalcore.
being who you are is the way to go.
 — unknown

 — unknown