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«❤.* Love ♪☮☯♪ Broods *.❤»

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.         «❦❣❤.* Love ♪☮☯♪ Broods *.❤❣❦»
¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•* *•.¸*•.¸*•.¸*•.¸*•
the last days, friday fright-nite
the rainy-season returns
mashing leaves
making red-ochre into gray
and the amusing meme's are out to gather
but I am burdened by the monsters
deep within our City's Sea
she has gone to the seat of heaven
my lover and friend
she's rising up that way
taking each step with care
and I wonder if she remembers
passing me by
on my way down
on the way down here ...
sometimes I feel the ocean in my veins
sometimes the Sea is no different than the sky
sometimes the longing is a sweet pain
sometimes I'm better-off not knowing why

31 Oct 14

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regarding the thesis that 'reading' is a slow-time phenomenon that encourages self-reflection - well, yes, I agree mostly -- imagism is 'reading' too -- recognizing imagery in your many reflections that arise like waves in the perpetual sea is the way our brains are wired to be -- to perceive is a linear series of images that one can hesitate to read, whether in Comic, Poem or indeed, dare I say, Hollywood movie -- that's the blind-spot inside the eye-ball where we fill it with our reasons industry...

I did a piece about the cascading curls of our brain, our frontal-lobes, where we end up returning to where we started again, it's the Neuroscientific view about the 'space' between your ears, behind your eyes where what you look at changes just by looking the way you do ... the cynical-notion is just another tunnel-vision that eventually dead-ends...

or you can have a 'see' of change by changing the way you look at things so the things you look at change

therefore if memory is a lie then so am I ... and so are you telling me yet another?

the use of imagism to get across a belief, a revelation and a perception makes for many reflections inside each reader; the sliding-gleam of the salton-sea gleams again inside of me

words are like a place-holder for 'sound' and 'value' - which came first the sounds or the meaning? - chicken or egg paradox: semantics -- nonetheless, words have their roots in sounds and rhythms to please or to scare, to fall to platitudes or rise aware -

ahh, it's such a sweet-sound in those words that dare to stare with absurdity, a movable-feast for senses half-crazy with their overflowed feeling, swoon'd by their song, caught in my throat, quickening my breath, their awesome powers of life and death, as they carry me along...

sometimes the rhythm captures the words, like when I ride my bike and feel my heart-beat and the fullness of my legs spinning wheels and the wind caresses my face while making white-noise like crashing waves on a beach inside my ears, over and over, while tides are changing with the gears - or when an image presents itself, unfolds into sounds, then the sounds arrange themselves in cadences, the dance of assonance and the sonics of post-modern imagism, imbued with the romance of irony, their urge-to-merge into songs inside of me...

-burps into his beard while leering absurdly- lol - yes, it's a move-able feast, when eating with a formless-face that manages to encapsulate the space - nonetheless whether a sculpture made in forms and rituals carved in culture or a sand-scape etched in waves, it's impermanent --

When all is said and done, be spontaneously overflow'd all over again, just to feel the warmth from the radiance in your tear-softened face ... ;)

we filter everything we see, hear and touch (senses) through our own experiences, our own memories, and memories change just by looking at them and then we laugh or cry as they leave us ... maybe as a Poem 'bout the fatal-skin we're in or the numinous moving-us

Change is the primary motivation of Nature, roiling with an incessant urge to merge and to sparkle in a new way. For this brief instant she becomes amazed at her Beautiful moment; yet She lingers not as She is vast and pregnant with Loves many children to come. Such is Poetry and its derivatives of imagism have done ...
 — AlchemiA

nice poem.  though I'm thinking you could probably omit 19 and be good-to-go.  melikes nonetheless.
 — JKWeb

why yes, thank-you for that reflection, JKWeb
 — AlchemiA